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Waddles, your trusty pig, is ready to go on the hunt for truffles! Leash him
up and make your way through the grove. But be warned! Digging too close can
cause damage to the truffles' mycelia, which can take years to recover from!
HOW TO PLAY: Select a square with the arrow keys, and press the space bar or
enter to dig. Waddles will tell you how many truffles are nearby by marking
the square with a number. This is the number of neighbouring squares
(including diagonals) that have truffles.
If you select a square with no truffles nearby, the neighbouring squares
will automatically be cleared out. If you select a square with a truffle,
it's game over!
You can use the "F" key to flag and unflag a square as containing a truffle
without digging there. If you select a square that has already been dug up,
and the number on the square matches the number of flags next to it, the
unflagged squares will be dug up automatically.
If you can dig up every square except for the ones with truffles in them,
you win the game!
At any time, you can press the "ESC" key to quit the game or to exit from a