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Jeremy Penner 74171670b2 dictionary words, limited "target" compiler 2023-09-04 23:24:12 -04:00
Jeremy Penner e5384d5aef cleanup and implement file i/o, boolean logic
removed "active file" concept from minijort in favour of taking a
file pointer on the stack
2023-10-16 15:54:44 -04:00
Jeremy Penner 141315b6fb more core forth words (memory access, return stack, inline data) 2023-09-01 21:51:22 -04:00
Jeremy Penner 8439de78e9 Implement segalloc for minijort 2023-09-01 19:10:52 -04:00
Jeremy Penner 73ffd53c68 First correctly-assembled code snippet (printed as hex to stdout) 2023-09-01 19:10:52 -04:00
Jeremy Penner 791e4644aa First cut at stripping down minijort 2023-09-01 19:10:50 -04:00