Jeremy Penner SpindleyQ
  • Joined on 2023-11-17
Updated 2024-06-09 20:19:25 +00:00
Turn YouTube videos into laserdisc arcade games!
Updated 2024-06-02 01:39:08 +00:00
An exploratory project to build Fennel macros that compile to terra's Lua language extensions, so I can play around with interactively building low-level compilers.
Updated 2024-06-02 01:25:52 +00:00
A web frontend to the LaserTube project, written in Flask
Updated 2024-06-02 01:24:48 +00:00
exav - EXecution As a Value
Updated 2024-06-02 01:23:16 +00:00
A script to build a security-patched version of PHP 5.2.17 and some NixOS helpers for serving legacy PHP sites from nginx.
Updated 2024-06-02 01:17:56 +00:00
A tool to convert Cube Kingdom CKO models to COLLADA DAE files, suitable for use in 3D engines like Unity.
Updated 2024-06-02 01:17:35 +00:00
A telnet server for collaboratively creating ANSI art (and games?) in realtime
Updated 2024-06-02 01:14:52 +00:00
Klickable Interactive Fiction For You!
Updated 2024-06-02 01:14:26 +00:00
Hot Tub - an experimental Clojure game engine with time travel
Updated 2024-06-02 01:13:56 +00:00
libclosure is a small library that allows C programs to create functions with data attached. (project is dormant, imported from SourceForge)
Updated 2024-06-02 01:13:44 +00:00
KlikPunk is a tool for quickly composing "scenes" for games.
Updated 2024-06-02 01:13:41 +00:00
An x86 assembler, built with Forth. The Forth is implemented in QBasic.
Updated 2024-06-02 01:11:19 +00:00
A mashup of Bomberman and Pac-Man, which are basically the same game, if you squint hard enough.
Updated 2024-06-02 01:10:54 +00:00
Neut Tower - A game made on an MS-DOS 286 for the Global Game Jam using Turbo C and a custom Forth dialect. Built on the pete286 Jorth ( jean forth) engine.
Updated 2024-06-02 01:09:37 +00:00